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Have you ever watched the Antique Road Show on TV; they show you all those wonderful old treasures that are so valuable, some are worth thousands of dollars. It is amazing to me what some people put value on; then you see it, that old antique that you once owned, the one nobody had a use for, the one you kept hidden in the closet so nobody would know that you owned it; that one that you finally threw it out because it just took up space and did not have a function. There it is being appraised on TV and they are saying it is worth thousands of dollars, and you threw it out. This is a terrible feeling; it makes you feel mad and dumb both at the same time; you would like to tell your friends about it, but you are too embarrassed to.

We as a Nation have made a terrible mistake like this, we have thrown out our national treasure, not out of arrogance, but from caring and compassion; we just did not know. We have thrown out our Senior Citizen's wisdom; no we do not mistreat them, we love them and care for them very well. But what we have done is we have thrown out their wisdom and understanding of the meaning of life that they have spent a lifetime of sorting out what is important from what is foolishness, from what works from what does not work and this information is our national treasure, and we have been throwing it out.

We do not only need to take good care of our senior citizens physical needs, that we do very well, but we must let them give us there treasure, our inheritance of wisdom and understanding of life. That they have been collecting for us all their lives. They want to give it to us it is their job, to pass on to the next generation their wisdom, do not hide it in a closet or throw it out, take it,receive it, put it in your heart, use it, spend it freely it is your inheritance just like the money you might of inherited from them.

You might wonder were this idea came from, the same place all wisdom comes from God. The same One that gave us life and the meaning of life and how to live it, and some of us do, but there are others that look to Hollywood and Government to show them and lead them into the proper way of life they are showing us and telling us what is normal and the proper way to go, (they're wrong), the world of Hollywood is a place of make-believe a world with out wisdom holding up murder violence and sex with out any right or wrong. I believe we threw out the wrong thing, we should have thrown out Hollywood and kept our inheritance, our Senior Citizens wisdom.

John D Brighton
Fort Pierce, FL
Senior Christian Outreach
John Brighton

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