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I was called to the nursing home ministry by God almost 2 years ago. So many times God laid it upon my heart to do this ministry. But I always thought " ME? YEAH RIGHT! " I'm too shy to do something like this!

Then, Jan 2000 our church started a bible study, "When God Speaks". At that point I knew God was calling me to do this. Our bible study prayed for me. That next week I went to a couple nursing homes and I was told they would call me back. I waited patiently, but never received a call. I thought well maybe I miss understood what God was saying to me.

About 3 months later our pastor was speaking on responding to your calling of a ministry. So after church I told him I needed some help doing this ministry, because I knew now God was really talking to me! We prayed about this for 2 or 3 weeks and then all of a sudden I was presenting the nursing home ministry to a group of women from our church. (which is something I would never do?) I used the video "A Song for Grandmother". At this point I had not even talked to the nursing home. Two days later we went to Rest Harbor and were welcomed with open arms. We planned our visit that next week with a group of 4 women and 5 children and it went great.

When we get there, we sing, pray, and then we have one-on-one visiting, hugging, listening, and holding hands. I never realized how important these little things could be to both them and me. The best part of this ministry is that I have been blessed as much or more then our friends at Rest Harbor. I have a love for these people that I never dreamed I would have.

God has also touched the heart's of the staff and they sing with us and treat us all so good. This ministry is a gift from God. Mark 16:15 says go in to the world and preach the Good News to all creation. God has encouraged us to witness to our nursing home friends through our song, prayer,and personality.

Special thanks to our Faithful Friends for the encouragement and prayers for me and my ministry. Also to the group from Lighthouse that has visited with me faithfully! But most of all, thank you God for not giving up on me, and for giving these people to me to help in the ministry. God has touched my life in such an awesome way. God bless to all!

Cheree Spence
Lighthouse Community Church
Nursing Home Organizer

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Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry
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