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Jason's Call to Nursing Home Ministry

First of all let me say praise the Lord that there are people like you and Lois Wiederhoeft, who are willing to go out of their way to assist someone they don't know personally, but they know through Christ. There has been an outpouring of love given to me by people I have never met before, and that is just proof of the love Christ has for us all.

It was your website that helped me realize my calling. I had always felt the pull of the Lord, but for so many horrible years of my life I ignored it, to the point I stopped believing. It was only by Gods grace that I finally woke up from my 28 year nap and heard Him speak to me directly. After receiving Christ into my heart and life, I was immediately hit with the call to do something to help spread His love and Word, yet I was unsure of what it was.

I turned to prayer and the Bible, and every cell in my body heard the message being repeated over and over again. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I would have had to have blind to miss all the signs He was showing to me. He directed me into nursing home ministry, He showed me where to go for the information needed. Where I live in New Jersey, we have lots of nursing homes, and my full time job as a telephone repair man has brought me into these homes more and more. As I walk the halls, the number of forgotten men and women, who are just dropped and left touched my heart.

When I prayed as to what He wanted me to do, I was led to your website, and the more I explored and read the stories of others who have been led to this calling, I realized that God Himself has shown me the way. As the time comes closer and closer for me to actually start from day one my mission in nursing homes, He has brought more people to assist me, particularly Lois and you, for it is from you two that I receive the encouragement and help in starting this. Throughout all of the nursing homes I have been to, never have I seen even one 'stranger' just visiting, talking, and sharing the Word and God's love with another. I firmly believe that the Lord has called upon me to be that person, and with His love and the help of those who have already followed the call, it will be successful.

The obstacles that stand before me are nothing that I can not overcome with prayer and persistence. Today, at church, the sermon was on how we are to humble ourselves and to be servants of the Lord's word. We discussed how we can accomplish that, and how not to be like the Pharisees, how we should practice what we preach. It was basically the 'last nail in the coffin', for the message I received today in my heart killed the last fear I had about starting up the nursing home ministry. I look at it this way, if I am able to let the residents know that they are not forgotten, that even if they feel abandoned by their family and friends, they can turn to God, for He has not forgotten them. They are loved, regardless of anything, that once they open their hearts to receiving His love, they should not fear leaving this earth. For theirs is indeed the kingdom of heaven.

The pages and links on your website have helped me tremendously, and almost daily I look upon them for more guidance and inspiration. As is the case with 99% of the world, I have to work a full time job, and I have a family to take care of as well. That is why I also turn to the letters and testimonials I find on the internet through your website, for you are among the 99%, and the Lord has blessed you to allow you to do all things, and it is through the stories and faith that I know He will shine through and allow me to do whatever is required by me to fulfill my earthly duties as well as His heavenly mission for me. When I read one article, not sure of where, that if we could just dedicate one hour a month to doing this, the joy we could bring to the hearts of those we touch would be unmeasurable, I thought is 1 hour enough? And the Lord answered me and said to some it is all He asks, but to me, I should be willing to give more. When I thought about how I spend my free time and days off, I realized they are spent wasting away in front of the t.v., or even playing games on my computer. I now know what God has intended for me to do with that time, and being within a 5 mile radius of 5 nursing homes, it has become even more clear.

It is with a heart as strong as steel and yet as soft as a rabbits fur that I am sent to give to the elderly, to give of my heart and soul to them, for when my time comes to start, and my first visit on my first day arrives, the Lord will be walking beside me and guiding me to do His work. I thank you for whatever support and prayers you can offer to me, for I will definitely need it. I ask that you also say a prayer for the people who I will come in contact with, that they will stop and listen to my offer to come into their home and speak to their residents, to allow the administrators to open their hearts so that many more can be reached. I welcome your gifts and resources, as well as your prayers. Basically all I am waiting for now before starting is the Power Packet, and I thank you for your support in getting that sent out as quickly as possible. I did enter your monthly drawing, as I have tried to view every page your website has to offer.

Once again I thank you for your sincere help, and I look forward to a long friendship with you and Lois, and I also thank you for the offer of your help. May God bless you and your ministry.

In Christ's Love and Prayer,

Jason McCormick
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