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John & Shirley Leftwich

We belong to Crossroads Baptist Church here in The Woodlands, Texas. In January of 1997 our church began the ministry at Regent Care Center also here in The Woodlands. Our initial service was that of providing a Sunday morning church service for the residents. At that time another couple was in charge of the ministry,however, we took over the leadership in 1998.

We have different Sunday school classes volunteer each Sunday to help with the devotion, music, or just assisting the residents to the service and helping them find page numbers. I personally have been going to the center at least twice during the week to volunteer and help out. Usually, I help with special activities and just be a smiling face and listening ear.

We have been blessed with some very special people and have lost some very special ones as well. We have some very dedicated church members who provide assistance each Sunday and I believe that each one has been blessed through their association with the wonderful seniors that reside at Regent Care.

In the beginning of our ministry , our attendance was usually about 5 or 6 and we met in a small lounge area. Now, for the past year, our attendance averages about 40 people each Sunday. Some residents who the aides bring into church, you might think that they have no idea of what is going on, but most often when we beginning singing an old hymn, you can notice them singing along and it just touches your heart. We also have been seeing an increase in the number of family members who come to be with their loved one on Sunday.

John & Shirley Leftwich

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