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My wife Muriel and I first became involved in the Nursing home after moving to our retirement home in Sequim, Washington. However even prior to that it is obvious now that God was preparing our hearts for this ministry.

For several years while living in Idaho, the route to my wife's employment took us past a Nursing Home on the edge of a residential area. Each morning in fair weather an elderly male resident would be at the telephone box near the road waiving to the passing traffic. We reached the point where we looked for him each day, and were disappointed if we did not see him.

This led to taking in old magazines from around the house. As we took such subscriptions as Sunset, Arizona Highways, National Geographic and the likes, they were greatly appreciated. We learned that the residents liked magazines with bright colorful pictures.

After moving to Sequim, we learned that our new church had a Nursing home ministry which would be more than happy to have new members. We joined and found that it was a ministry which made you feel so good that we just could not wait for each service. We started going every week instead of the once a month most members were scheduled. This gave us a greater love for those in the home as our acquaintance with them grew.

Soon we were the leaders of the ministry, which really only means scheduling and seeing that each service is covered. Each team member is highly motivated and requires no prompting what so ever. Only vacations or sickness interferes with their being there at the appointed time.

Now a few years later, we still look forward to our weekly visit to the nursing home. We have a service which regularly involves around 35 residents and two or three aids from the home. The service contains lots of songs from the Sonshine Societies Large Print song books and a short bible study time. The service along with greetings and good-bye's normally last around 45 - 55 mins.

Each service is a very special time for Muriel and I, and I am sure that we gain as much if not more than the residents. If you have never attended a Nursing Home service, contact a team in your area. They would be happy to take you along on the next meeting. Who knows you just might wind up a regular.

Muriel & Ken Goss

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