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Request From Nurses Association in Australia

"I am the editor of a newsletter for faith community nurses (parish Nurses) in South Australia. A few weeks ago I came across your web site and found the tips for talking/visiting persons within nursing homes. I found it a simple but relevant and useful guide, with information that health professionals take for granted, assuming other visitors know, but from my experience they do not. So I thought it would be a useful resource for our nurses to use when educating their congregation visitors. As most of the nurses are not connected to the internet, I would really like to summarize your article in a page of dot points within my next news letter (about 100 would be printed).

Of course, I will acknowledge that it is a summary of your pages and include the site address and name. As a matter of courtesy I would request your permission to pass on this useful information to these nurses. Would you e-mail as soon as possible if you agree to this.

Thank you for the wonderful resource and keep up the good work, for people in residential care certainly are the loneliest persons, who are in need of advocates and visitors."

Yours sincerely,

Anne van Loon, President of the Australian Faith Community Nurses Association

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