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"It was good to hear from you via the internet.... We did have a chance to view the video you sent to us and it so touched our hearts as well as other hearts in our church family. I do need to know if you want me to send this video back to you. I didn't want to assume that you just gave that to us. So if that's something your needing us to send back then please just let me know.

We've starting ministering to just one Nursing home at this time. And we are hoping that the number of people interested would increase and we would then be able to expand to other Nursing Homes. At least that's my vision or my goal.

I'm using a computer program called PFS which has allowed me to create my own program so I can enter all the names of the people in the Nursing home and then at the push of a button I can find out when their birthdays are and who's assigned to them, etc... There's four of us and we've each taken on a specific number of names, and those are our assigned people to visit. We acknowledge their birthdays with hand made crosses that the ladies make, we acknowledge the first time a resident comes into the Nursing home by giving them a little stuffed lamb( Oriental Trading Co. #6/52) that we have a bundle of. We also have bigger stuffed lambs that a lady in our church hand makes. It's unbelievable how good a job she does.

The computer program sure has made it a lot simpler to keep track of everything, but we don't forget that the most important thing is the time that you spend with each individual.

This ministry started for me when I was in bible college in Texas. And the scripture that was planted in my heart was from Matthew 25:34-40. This scripture says it all. And the using of the lambs I guess is just something special to me, because it speaks of the sensitivity of Christ."....

"We as a ministry team here have named our group "Loving Lambs Ministry". This is a name that we have just come up with. We started our ministry in March, so we decided it would be good to name our ministry. Please feel free to mention our ministry name on you web page as well as our email address.

Also, I like the idea of keeping in touch with each other and sharing information-via email. This will be a good resource for our ministry."

God Bless

Pastor Jim R. Machen

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