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Eric O'Blenis- A Ministry Student's Experience

I am presently studying for a BA in religion with a Pastoral Ministry major. When college closed for the summer I got a job through the Community Chaplain Service in Saint John to work in our local nursing home in Sussex.

We have about 70 seniors. It is truly a great and rewarding job. I love the seniors. They are really great, and as you said they definitely need someone who can not only meet their physical needs, but also minister to their spiritual and emotional needs.

I have been seeking God's guidance regrading what kind of ministry I could be used in When I finish at Bethany next year. I thought I would go into prison ministry, however I am not sure that is where God is leading me. I definitely would love to continue ministering to seniors. Perhaps God will lead me into a positon where I could do this as a fulltime ministry.

I sure would appreciate prayers for God's direction.

Sincerely in Christ,

Eric O'Blenis

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