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Strings of Praise- Ministry by Greg Gribble

Most people look at me kinda funny when I tell them what I do. Let me tell you how I got started in the ministry. Nine years ago I got saved from the fires of hell at the age of 31. I was nothing but a drunk up to that point in my life. The bottom dropped out of my life and I went through a divorce.

At that time, someone asked me to come to church with them. I went to church as a kid and never once heard that Jesus died for my sins and wanted to have a personal relationship with me. Sad statement to make about a mainline denomination. I got saved and 1 week later I was completely delivered from alcohol.

I then discovered Christian Book stores and a recording of the Smoky Mountain Hymns which featured the Hammered Dulcimer. I had purchased a hammered dulcimer back in the mid 80's when I was into the folk music scene, but when the person teaching me got married and moved away, I put the instrument away. You can't just go into a music store in Akron , Ohio and ask to take dulcimer lessons. Down in Tenn. you probably could get lessons at the local music store.

As I listened to the tape, the Lord kept telling me that I could play this music. I argured with Him (not too bright spiritually back then) and said I couldn't. I wore out that tape and got a second copy and then I started learning the songs.

A year later I was appoached by a couple from a church I had been going to about doing some music at the area nursing homes. I had never been in one and did'nt know what to expect, but said I would go anyway. I was impressed greatly with the needs there at the nursing homes and the blessings that music had given the residents. I knew without a doubt God wanted to use me in that way.

That's been about 8 years ago already. PTL !!!! I don't charge a thing to go out to the various homes here in Akron and told the Lord that I would not charge as some do as long as He keeps me employed. I've been through 7 major job lay-offs and had 2 positions transfer down to Houston ,Tx. I'm still employed........

I sometimes go to 7 nursing homes a month plus other doors of ministry such as church banquets and the local Christian book stores also invite me in to play around Christmas time. I keep busy in the ministry plus putting in 55-65 hour weeks at work.

That sums it up for where I came from and what I do. It's by God's amazing Grace that he could use someone who was nothing but an old drunk and place them in a calling such as the nursing home ministry.

Love in Christ,

Greg Gribble

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