"Love Notes"

Issue #5 - March 2003

Faithful Friends
Nursing Home Ministry

Dear Friends & Ministry Partners,

As we approach the Easter Season, we stand in awe of the fact that the Lord is calling his workers to the harvest fields of our local care facilities. We would like to share a first time event that we were blessed to participate in here in Florida. On January 31-Feburary 2,2003, 17 people from 11 different nursing home ministries met for a time of fellowship, prayer, and sharing our hopes for the future. The participants came from many different areas in North America: Tronoto, Virginia, Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Florida. The common interest we all had was that we were involved with leadership in nursing home ministries with a regional or national focus. Visit our web page for the rest of the story:


Now is a great time to start planning some special presentations for the Easter Season. We have expanded our Easter Resources Web Page to assist you:


We are excited to announce some new resources. First, we have been given permission by Tom McCormick to make available his "Nusing Home Ministry , A Manual" on our web site. You may download and print the files for this book directly from our web page:


Another resource we have located is called Pappa's Pockets. It is a company that is commited to long term caring of the elderly. They offer a free booklet on nursing home ministry visits and have available a variety of gifts that were especially selected for nursing home residents and their caregivers. We can attest about how difficult it is to locate appropriate gifts for men and women residents of nusing homes. We have arranged a 10% discount for our visitors who visit their web site at:


If you purchase a gift, insert the promotional code #203 at the top of the order form and click the "Recalculate" button to receive the discount on whatever you order.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you in your existing or future ministry.

Thank you for your concern for God's Speical People.

Larry & Sandy Wasserman

Your "Faithful Friends"

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