"Love Notes"

Issue #7 - May 2003

Faithful Friends
Nursing Home Ministry

MOTHER'S DAY - MAY 11,2003

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

Tomorrow on May 11, we will be celebrating Mother's Day in both our own homes and families, and also during our regular visits to the nursing homes. We previously have highlighted National Nursing Home Week, which begings on Mother's Day and continues for 7 days. Since a majority of the residents we visit are mothers, it is an ideal time to focus our attention on them.

Traditionally, Proverbs 31 is the chapter in the Bible most often quoted at this time. We would like to share with you a short Devotional/ Handout that we plan to distribute on Sunday. It is in the form of a Microsoft Word File and is located at:


You also find some Mother's Day Resources on our National Nursing Home Week Page which is:


We hope that between your efforts on Mother's Day and National Nursing Home Week, our elderly friends will find new meaning and hope in their lives and in their salvation in Jesus Christ.

We were honored to be interviewed again this year by George Carden of UNI News. They recorded a short interview over the phone and then will distribute it to over 200 Christian Radio Stations. Their web site is located at:


We are truly humbled to see God's Greatness when we submit ourselves to His Service. We truly serve an Awesome God! At this special time, "step out in faith" and see what the Lord will do in your situation!

Happy Mother's Day to all our special friends,

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