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"A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."
Proverbs 11:25

Samples from Seniors' Devotional Bible

A PRAYER FOR THE AGING, Author Unknown, Verse:Proverbs 16:31

Lord, you know better than I myself know that I am growing older and someday will be old. Keep me from being talkative and particulary from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occassion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody:helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it all, but you know Lord that I want a few friends at the end. Keep my mind from the recital of endless details - give me wings to come to the point. I ask for grace enough to listen to the tales of other's pain. But seal my lips on my own aches and pains - they are increasing and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by...

I dare not ask for improved memory but for a growing humility and a lessening cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally it is possible that I may be mistaken... Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places. and talents in unexpected people. And give me, O Lord, the grace to tell them so.

WHAT LOVE REQUIRES, by Tim Stafford, Verse:Luke 21:4

Love takes no competence. It does not require heroic endeavor. It can be done by anyone in any condition, so long as they have stopped being wrapped up in themselves. Someone who is paralyzed can love with her eyes. Someone who is blind can love with his voice and his touch. Only this is required: To love our neighbor or to love God, you must make the shift away from yourself as center of the universe. You must take God's (or your neighbor's) life story for your own.
You can find people in every nursing home who do this, making an impact through their love. They give their lives to others. They breathe out love. The contribution may seem puny. But Jesus intended to impress on his disciples that God judges our giving by percentage, not gross total. The widow's two cents weigh the scales more heavily than the piled-up gifts of the rich. This is one way in which the poor are blessed: they can much more easily give their all.
We are God's chosen, not to make us strong, but to confound the strong (I Corinthians 1:27-29). Simply to be God's children is power and glory. You cannot witness to his grace and love except as someone who remains weak.

FILL MY EMPTINESS, by Carole Mayhall, Verse:Proverbs 4:23

Create in me, Lord....a pure heart, yes. But Father, even more. Create in me....(out of nothing for that's what creation means) an expectant heart.... May I stand on tiptoe waiting each moment in joyous anticipation for what You are going to do! Create in me an enthusiastic heart- "en theo" - meaning "in God", God in me, filled to overflowing with You Lord! Create in me a laughing heart - one that sees the serendipities of an autumn leaf and mist upon the mountains and hears the chuckle of a child. Create in me a heart of integrity - to be real, not to talk above my walk, not to try to impress. Create in me a caring heart - tender toward the hurts and happenings of others, more concerned with their needs than my own. Create in me an attentive heart - able to hear Your whisper, and moment by moment listen to Your voice. Create in me a contented heart - at peace with the circumstances of life. Create in me a hungry heart - longing to love you more, desiring your Word, reaching.... stretching.... for more of you. Creator Lord, create in me.

Since this Bible was discontinued several years ago by Zondervan, we have found some surplus sources. Please contact us for a current list.

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