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Our Top 25 Visited Web Pages

These are what our visitors considered the 25 most requested resources on our web site.

  1. Home Page
  2. Resources & References Page - Lots of Links and Downloadable Resources
  3. Gambling is a Problem - It really is!
  4. Making Witness Bracelets for Gifts to Residents - Step by Step Instructions for a creative gift and Witnessing Tool.
  5. Devotional Tips for Valentines Day- Everything you need for a great presentation.
  6. Nursing Home Ministry: A Manual by Tom McCormick- You may download this complete manual for free!
  7. Our Favorite Devotionals & Downloads- Lots of Free Resources!
  8. National Nursing Home Week - A great time to promote your ministry!
  9. Tip for an Easter Presentation - A great opportunity to share Christ!
  10. Christian Links - Lots of great sources of Christian Resources!
  11. Music in Nursing Home Ministry- Songs, suggestions, and links to many music sites.
  12. Christmas Page - Lots of suggestions, links, and resources!
  13. Nursing Home Ministry Reference Materials - Great resources to boost your Ministry!
  14. Links to lots of others in this ministry
  15. Quick Start to a Successful Nursing Home Ministry - Jump Start your Ministry!
  16. One Hour Bible Study - All you need to get started!
  17. Seniors Devotional Bible - Examples and Sources for this extremly useful tool!
  18. Letter from 80 yr old Mother - Very Powerful Resource
  19. Beatitudes on Aging - Touching Devotional
  20. National Grandparents Day - Great time to promote your ministry
  21. Thanksgivig Day Resources
  22. Fathers Day Resources
  23. Monthly Drawing Winners List
  24. Seasonal Resources
  25. About Us

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